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NSL Green World Holding (M) Sdn Bhd has over 8 years of artificial grass sales and marketing experience. It has a professional team which provides one-stop solution to customers. Bukit Jalil Nursery Sdn Bhd is on of the famous horticultural companies under its wing.

Panda Ecograss is a direct form factory product which has undergone a stringent manufacturing and quality control process, no middleman is involved and quality is assured. Panda Ecograss has over the years gained praises and trusts form various customer including housing developer, hotels, corporations as well as residential housing (bungalows and villas). Installation is done professionally and adheres to strict workmanship standard. Customers are assured of the high quality work

Why Panda Ecograss?

8 years experience in one-stop artificial grass solutions
Sold more then 618,000 Sq. Meters
Equal to 85 World Standard Soccer Field

Panda Ecograss has been in Malaysian market for 8 years. all products are improted directly from manufacturer.


Panda Ecograss is made according to stringent manufacturing procedure and 3-layer SBR latex coated. The latex backing is eco-friendly, safe, durable and makes a perfect surface finish.


Panda Ecograss Recreational Series is safe or children.

Panda ecograss can also DIY installed in your high rise condominium. You can enjoy a green patch in your home and save installation cost.

The 3-layer SBR latex-coated on the Panda Ecograss artificial grass is strong and seals perfectly with the back of the grass roll. Its tenacity and density characteristics make it an ideal meterial for socccer and hockey field applications.

Panda Ecograss also provides a customized artificial grass service suit specific needs such as company logo and other decorative designs which could enhance the appearance and environment of workplace.

Panda Ecograss’ products are made of high grade materials and the price is affordable to the masses. Panda Ecograss provides a one-stop professional service of sales and marketing to installation services which promises quality and customer satisfation.

Nanural Grass Aritficial Grass
Release oxygen Not release oxygen but is toxic-free and recyclable
High maintenance cost and need trimming No trimming needed and easy recyclable
Need soil to grow Can be applied on soil/concrete surface
Uneven surface, retain water Uneven surface, retain water With water draining outlet
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